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Are roofing quotes negotiable?

Estimated quote varies with different roofing companies, depending upon the equipment, materials, the quality of the work and credibility of the company. The leading companies tend to quote more for their jobs. Hence, it is important to break down the quote, compare and negotiate.

For negotiating the quote, you need to have 3-4 quotes from different roofers for the same service, like the type of insurance, materials used, estimate days, etc.


Are Roofing Quotes Negotiable?Roofing Quote Checklist:

  • The number of days for completion.
  • The cost of material and labor.
  • Terms and modes of payment.
  • The cost of various permits.
  • The warranties on work / materials
  • The cleanup cost for the construction debris.
  • The type of insurance offered.
  • Contractor’s License / Proof of roofing.

Once you have about 3-4 quotes from various roofers with the same check points, it’s time to compare them.  If the price points for all the quotes are about the same, the chances of negotiation are less. But if you find a wide price range you could negotiate with each roofer. 


Points to consider while negotiating the quotes:

  • The demand for roofing is high in winter. 
  • Prices in the summer might be less compared to the prices in the winter season.
  • Don’t be too stubborn during the negotiation.
  • Don’t make the decision too early, take time and compare each quote, then finalize.


Compare roofing contracts:

Once you have compared the quotes and decided to whom the job needs to be given, you need to sign the contract with the roofer. There are some things you need to check before signing the contract.

When and how much to make the various payments like the down payment, the progress payment, final payment and should also include a clause where it says that you need not pay the final payment until you are satisfied with the work done.

  • The grade and type of materials being used for the roofing.
  • Provision for making changes in the order or adding or removing some services that may result in a change of pricing.
  • A lien release, which helps you to be protected even if the contractor fails to pay the sub-contractor, the workers or the material supplier.
  • A clause that states that the terms on which the work is done, which failed can cause the termination of the work by you or the contractor.

Spending your hard earned money on roofing should provide value, so negotiating a quote is quite important. Following these steps would help you to effectively negotiate the roofing quotes.

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