The roof of a building has a great role of protecting people and items inside the building. A good roof is a good investment too. It increases the value of the building, whether the building is commercial or residential. The roof is as important as the foundation upon which a house is built. It should, therefore, be constructed with high-quality materials to adequately serve its purpose. Proper maintenance is also critical in improving the longevity of this crucial part of the house. Our qualified and experienced roofing experts understand the importance of quality roofing. provides residential, commercial and industrial roofing services. These services include installations, re-roofing, maintenance and repairs and waterproofing.

New Construction Roofing

If you are building a new facility, we have high-quality, affordable and warrantied roofing systems. Our roofing experts will tactically perform every phase of the roofing project – from preparation and detailed job drawing (CAD) to choosing the best roofing system and delivering a completed warranty. We use roof types such as EPDM, metal roofs, modified bitumen, roof coatings, solar roof systems, single ply roof systems and vegetative roofs. Each roof system type is value engineered to meet the size or scope of the project as per the customer’s specifications. We embrace sustainability as a key pillar of our success and couple quality with a sound fiscal model to serve our customers better.

Re-Roofing keeps track of the changing needs of customers and responds quickly to technological improvements in the roofing industry. We have built a reputation for reliability in constantly providing improvement options based on new innovations. We specialize in roof restoration which involves a total makeover of the roof. Professionals listed here will remove and reinstall various roofing systems in your premise.

Roof Maintenance and Repairs

Having a roof leak can be disastrous. A leak not only causes more damage to the roof but also has the potential to destroy expensive items inside a house. Imagine if water leaked into your library, file store or in a room full of computers and electrical gadgets. Our repair department is fully staffed, equipped and always prepared take care of emergency roof leaks. They purpose to provide a lasting solution to the emergency roof problem. We also apply our craftsmanship in providing state-of-the-art waterproofing systems. It is important to employ economic measures of managing assets. Our roof maintenance program allows us to discover issues ailing a building and prevent more expensive damage from happening. We inspect the roof for clogged drains and scuppers, fish mouths, blisters, hail damage, improper drainage, plant growth, roof debris and seam failures. Pro-active roof maintenance can cost four times less than reactive roof repair. Our roof maintenance program enables us to detect roof failure early and ensure the longevity of the existing roof.

Major features of the program are:

Roof inspection multiple times a year and performing minor roof repairs

Generation of a detailed report on the condition of the roof and the life expectancy of roof assets – A list of the major repairs needed and respective budgets

Monitoring of existing warranties and help in maintaining compliance requirements.


The program has many financial benefits including helping industries prepare capital expenditure and maintenance budgets. A company is also able to control maintenance expenditures since roof maintenance expense is tax-deductible.


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