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Cost of Metal Roofing


Metal RoofingThere are many variables that are factor into the pricing of metal roofing, making it impossible to quote a price over the phone or the internet. Many physical factors like the condition of the current roof, the shape of the roof, the slope, etc. all factor in to the cost for metal roofing. Other factors like the location of the property, roof accessibility and cost of labor are other important factors to consider. In most cases, the metal roofing provider sub-contract their work to other contractors or installers. An established contractor usually charges high as they have a higher cost for insurance, project managers, etc.

Types of metal roofing

Following are the types of metal roofing available:

  • Metal shingles
  • Standing seam
  • Stone coat steel shingles or tiles
  • Corrugated steel panels


Cost of metal roofs from most expensive to the least

Standing beam

The installation cost range varies greatly based on different scenarios. The standing beam can be made even more affordable if the house is designed in a ranch style. But at the same time, if you are planning to install the same standing beam on a complex and complicated roof, the price would increase greatly. The price is nominal when 26 Ga steel is used when putting in comparison with premium metal aluminum. The cost can go over $20 per square feet if metals like zinc or copper are used.

The installation price for standing beam increases when there are several complex processes involved such as changing slopes or multiple penetrations of the roof. So in most cases, the price of a standing beam can be attributed to the complexity in installation.

These have a total cost of about $7 to $13 per square foot.


Stone coated steel

These are more expensive than metal shingles that are painted as it uses 22 Ga steel (heavy gauge). They come as both tiles and shingles. It mimics cedar shingles or shakes, and concrete or clay tiles because of the colored granule coating. It also uses a lot more metal than the others. These roofs are light when compared to other metal roofs which makes it a better option if your roof type does not support much weight.

As they imitate the clay roof of Florida style homes, you can use it as a cheap alternative. Most Florida clay roof costs around $20 per square feet.

Total installation cost would be about $8 to $9 per square foot.


Metal Shingles

Aluminum, Galvalume or G-90 is the metal which is used for manufacturing metal shingles. This is a much higher quality when compared to corrugated steel. Kynar 500 coatings are used to paint it. While installing, concealed fasteners are used by metal shingles, which gives them an upper hand when compared to corrugated steel as it would not rust and the chances for leaks are less.

It costs around $7 to $9 per square foot.


Corrugated steel

These are the least expensive of the lot. These are large panels which are easy to install like asphalt shingles. It can also be installed over asphalt shingles that are already existing on the roof.

As you might have expected, low cost means lower quality. Corrugated steel does not provide much protection in comparison to other types of metal roofing and is prone to leaking. It can last up to fifteen years and are mostly coated with acrylic paints. It costs about $4 to $5 per square foot.


Carefully check the warranty each product and roofing company offers to know its true expectancy. Choosing the most affordable type of metal roofing would not bode well in the long run. So, consider all your options before you make your choice. Start by searching for a company or a contractor near you.

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