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Common Roofing Issues in Canada

All roofing systems are vulnerable to different roofing issues. This can be due to structural, mechanical or natural causes. Roofing problems usually start small and become big over time. Below are the common roofing issues.

  • Shrinkage is commonly found on modified bitumen roofs. It is caused by the sun’s ultra violet rays, poor installation of the roofing system and aging of the material. Shrinkage is mainly characterized by splits and cracks. This roofing issue can be prevented by proper installation of the roofing system and application of ballast to prevent the ultra violet rays from heating the roof’s surface.
  • Alligatoring of the roof’s surface is caused by the ultra violet rays. It is characterized by splits which make the roof to leak. If this is not detected early enough, the leakage will continue until a new roof is installed. It can be repaired by patching the splits.
  • Flashing is a common roofing issue. It is mainly caused by poor or improper roofing system installation. Use of low quality materials can also cause flashing problems. Flashing forms the basis of a roof’s drainage system so it should be installed correctly and using the right equipment.
  • Unwanted vegetation and debris on the roof’s surface prevents water from draining. Water should not stand on the roof for more than 48 hours because it will react with the surface. This will age the roof and make it vulnerable.
  • Pounding rain water can destroy the roof over time. The water gets accumulated due to lack of roof slope. Rust will destroy the roof and cause leakage. This is a design issue which can be prevented by constructing a sloppy roof that allows water to flow freely.
  • Heavy winds have been known to tear down roofs. A storm can bring down an entire roof by destroying the shingles. This can lead to the installation of a new roofing system. It is recommended to always use proper and quality material for a long lasting roof.
  • Birds and Insects cause many roofing issues. Woodpeckers tend to drill holes in wood and expose it to moisture which then leads to rotting. On the other hand, insects such as termites and ants chew away wood and boards making them weaker.
  • Overhanging trees can destroy a roofing system if not properly maintained. Overgrown trees need to be trimmed as they rub the surface of the roof abrading the shingles and destroying the protective layer. At times a whole tree can fall on the roof leading to a new installation.
  • Roofing issues lead to leakage inside, which can be costly after the ceiling, boards and other parts of your property gets ruined by water. Repairing the damage caused will be more expensive than maintaining a suspected roof issue. Regular inspection and maintenance can help minimize the damage and repair the roof as early as possible. Repairs should be done well to prevent further roof damage. Before installing a roofing system, hire professional contractors who will do a proper job. Also emphasize on using quality materials.


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