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Are roofing quotes negotiable?

Are Roofing Quotes Negotiable?

Estimated quote varies with different roofing companies, depending upon the equipment, materials, the quality of the work and credibility of the company. The leading companies tend to quote more for their jobs. Hence, it is important to break down the quote, compare and negotiate.

For negotiating the quote, you need to have 3-4 quotes from different roofers for the same service, like the type of insurance, materials used, estimate days, etc.


Roofing Quote Checklist:

Cost of Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing


There are many variables that are factor into the pricing of metal roofing, making it impossible to quote a price over the phone or the internet. Many physical factors like the condition of the current roof, the shape of the roof, the slope, etc. all factor in to the cost for metal roofing. Other factors like the location of the property, roof accessibility and cost of labor are other important factors to consider. In most cases, the metal roofing provider sub-contract their work to other contractors or installers. An established contractor usually charges high as they have a higher …

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Common Roofing Issues in Canada

All roofing systems are vulnerable to different roofing issues. This can be due to structural, mechanical or natural causes. Roofing problems usually start small and become big over time. Below are the common roofing issues.

  • Shrinkage is commonly found on modified bitumen roofs. It is caused by the sun’s ultra violet rays, poor installation of the roofing system and aging of the material. Shrinkage is mainly characterized by splits and cracks. This roofing issue can be prevented by proper installation of the roofing system and application of ballast to prevent the ultra violet rays from heating the roof’s surface.
  • Alligatoring of the …

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Cost of roofing a house

pitch of roof

Roofs are as important as any other part of a house. Researching types of roofing before you get a new roof or repair one is always recommended. The investment you have to make is significant and it will depend on a number of factors. Some of the factors that decide on the amount spend for a new roof are:

  • make and material of the roof
  • the location of the house
  • your preference of a particular design or style
  • the size of …

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